Some foods reward skill in the chef – there is some trick or difficult feat of dexterity required, say to properly fold the ingredients in the souffle, or careful manipulation of heat and timing.

Hummus is not that kind of food, at least at a basic level. I hear of particularly amazing hummus, tahini and lemon balanced ever so perfectly in the chick peas blended just so, but the truth of hummus is that you can thrown chick peas into a food processor with some basic additions (garlic works, lemon juice works, olive oil is fabulous), and it will be pretty damn good even if you don’t measure all that carefully.

You can also throw in all kinds of other fun stuff. Want to make hummus with balsamic vinegar instead of lemon juice? That’ll work. Want to try curry powder or paste? Rock on. How about curry and raisins? Fabulous! Check out this Curry Hummus with Raisins recipe from Meatless Monday, originally from The Plant-Based Dietitian and give it a shot next time you see your kitchen.

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2 Responses to “Recipe from Meatless Monday: Curry Hummus with Raisins”

  1. Josina says:

    Meatless Monday is a nice idea, but the only thing that will truly help school lucehns is to revamp them entirely. They need a five day change in what students are served. Having had the experience of doing cafe-duty for three years I can tell you the food that is served is awful. They also need to get rid of the candy and snack machines. Taking away the soda machine and replacing it with juice wasn’t much help either. We need to educate the corporations that run the school cafeteria and tell them it’s not all about making a profit.

  2. [...] But my delicious farmers’ market bread and jam made for a tasty sandwich nonetheless. Of course, you don’t have to eat PB&Js every day to keep your lunches green. The PB&J Campaign blog — which encourages less processed vegetarian lunches for eco-minded eaters — has some fantastic recipes, including this scrumptious-sounding one for Curry Hummus with Raisins. [...]

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