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Green Eating and Health


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Want to take the PB&J Campaign live? Groups across the country are using PB&Js and information about the environmental impact of a plant-based meal to empower their classmates and neighbors.

We may be able to supply brochures, shirts, and more for your tabling event or other activity. Download our Event Toolkit for details, and contact us for additional information and/or to discuss your plans.


You probably don't need a recipe for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but since this is not just about PB&Js, we've started a recipe series on the blog for more ideas.

Also, if you're looking for good plant-based recipes, check out vegan recipe sites. You don't have to be vegan to cook the recipes, but sites like Post Punk Kitchen, Meatout Mondays, and VegWeb (15,000 vegan recipes) have a wealth of good plant-based meal ideas.
For more information on the environmental impact of livestock, check out a United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization report called “Livestock's Long Shadow”. This page has an excellent summary of the report, as well as a link to the original document.

Greenpeace also has a report on the topic, more generally about agriculture and global warming.

If you’re interested in learning more about the environmental impact of the seafood we eat, check out the UN Atlas of the Oceans' Environmental Impact of Fisheries website.

Green Eating, Hunger, and Health
The PB&J Campaign was largely inspired by the work of the Center for New American Dream. The New American Dream has a great project called Turn the Tide, which gives people nine simple actions to help the environment.

The idea of a campaign came partly from Meatout Mondays, which encourages people to eat plant-based meals one day a week (or more) to improve their health and help the planet. You can also check out our blog's health posts.

Six Arguments for a Greener Diet is a project of the Center for Science in the Public Interest. They've got lots of amazing facts about the effects of changing your diet on the environment, on your health, and on animal welfare.

A Well-Fed World explores the environmental, health, and food security gains from eating lower on the food chain, (and has a fantastic PB&J page).

Animal Protection
If you're interested in learning more about what happens to the animals we end up eating, check out the Factory Farms page from A Well-Fed World.

Last, make sure you check out the Meatrix. Take the red pill and follow Moopheus.

PB&J Campaign tee shirt - front and back
Spread the PB&J Campaign message tastefully with this stylish tee shirt.

The front has the new PB&J Campaign logo, and the back has a slogan (“Easy on the Earth, Easy on your wallet”) about the eco-friendliness and affordability of PB&J.

PB&J Campaign tee shirt in use during a PB&J feed-in
With a donation of 20 dollars or more, you can request a shirt (as explained on the Donations page). If you're a nonprofit or have a very tight budget, we offer discounts, and we may be able to supply some free shirts for your promotional or educational event; email us for details.

You can also buy older-style (or “classic”) PB&J Campaign clothing at the PB&J Campaign Store.
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